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HEre is our featrued event for the SPRING. TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN.

Poetry Reading: Frank Pils, Bob Althoff, Maria Posnansky

Christopher’s Coffee

Petoskey, MI

Friday, April 2nd, 12:45 PM

Frank Pils is the author of two chapbooks, Running in a Michigan Ditch and Here I am, God Dammet. He will be reading from his forthcoming collection of poems on Michigan wildlife tentatively entitled Dead Turtle Soup.

Bob Althoff is a twenty-one year veteran of the Petosky Post Office. He has encountered many different things in his life. He adores poetry and has a pet goldfish named Bob. This is his first poetry reading.

Maria Posnansky has published several poems throughout the community and has contributed three jokes to theReaders Digest. She will be reading poems about her recent adoption of an elderly cat with anxiety named Lewie.

5.00 entry fee or buy one Sugary Coffee.

For information on these events see section B of the APRIL Newsletter PRO-FORCE Professional Advancement©  and Life-Starters©