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Social “Media” and Life Advancement Skills in the Workplace.

We have a wonderful Spring Lineup. This year we have poetry readings, seminars, a cake-bake and so much MORE. For any information regarding these events, please email Pastor Terry Savilla at He has recovered from hip sugree and is doing fine.

Special thanks to the folks at Bean-Bean’s for their donations during the winter fundraiser and for bailing Bill Steenstra out of jail. It wasn’t his fault and we all know that now!

As many of you know, this wasn’t our best year for leadership. However, spring has sprung, and let your event-planning and internet advice posts flourish. It’s the great time of year to share the advice and comments you’ve learned from years of following Dr. David Prince. He thanks you for all the kind emails and facebook comments.

Second Annual Cake-Bake and Used Aquarium Supply Sale

Tuesday, March 22nd, 8 AM – 1 PM

Bethany Lutheran Church (den room)

Saginaw, MI

​Lydia Baker and her grown daugther Beverly will be putting on another cake-bake and leftover aquarium supplies fundraiser event. Please bring all cake ingredients and used (but in reasonable condition) aquarium supplies. No outside cakes or Mexican food. For more ingredients please email Lydia

Featured Film: Scourge of Luddington

Thursday, March 24th

Peck Friendship Centner

Peck, MI

Terence Prinks will show his first feature-length movie, set to the music of Gordon Lightfoot live bootleg recordings recorded at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Motel. From Terence’s website: “This film is a foray into the deeper-issues of the Luddington area’s recent rash of outsiders and a certain fungus that attacks fenceposts. Also there’s some shots of Gordon Lightfoot behind the dumpster at the casino.” No cigar or chewing tobacco. Film starts at 8:00 PM SHARP followed by Q&A.


Every Sunday

Wrappin’ it Up Senior Centner

Standish, MI

Join Mark Gomez, Trudy Karst and Tom O’Cann each Sunday at the senior centner in Standish for reasonable bingo contests with prizes such as calendars, fresh shoes, food vouchers, internet passes and more. Free boiled peanuts for residents. Open to the public for a fee of $4.00. No wheelchairs please. Transportation from Mid-Mich Regional Senior Living Facilities is provided but it’s not cheap so arrange for a cab for family member.

The Essence of Being Me: A talk with Dr. David Prince

Applebee’s of Alpena

Alpena, MI

Monday, March 28th, 6:45 PM

​Dr. Prince is celebrating his 23rd year as director and president of PROFORCE© and LIFE-Starters and will be giving an intense lecture on the meaning of “inner-leadership” and the importance of staying in touch with your children. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Prince will pose for portraits and have a wine or beer with patrons at the bar (limit three drinks). Please do not attempt to make reservations and absolutely do not call Applebee’sabout this. This is a surprise event. We assure you they know about this event. We just want to keep it a surprise.

Poetry Reading: Frank Pils, Bob Althoff, Maria Posnansky

Christopher’s Coffee

Petoskey, MI

Friday, April 2nd, 12:45 PM

Frank Pils is the author of two chapbooks, Running in a Michigan Ditch and Here I am, God Dammet. He will be reading from his forthcoming collection of poems on Michigan wildlife tentatively entitled Dead Turtle Soup.

Bob Althoff is a twenty-one year veteran of the Petosky Post Office. He has encountered many different things in his life. He adores poetry and has a pet goldfish named Bob. This is his first poetry reading.

Maria Posnansky has published several poems throughout the community and has contributed three jokes to theReaders Digest. She will be reading poems about her recent adoption of an elderly cat with anxiety named Lewie.

5.00 entry fee or buy one Sugary Coffee.

For more information regarding Spring Events, please contact Terry Savilla Send donations to the same address. All events partially sponsored by God’s Plan Network.

PS: This month we’d like to congratulate Gloria’s daughter Patty on her successful application back to acommunity college. She achieved it through theLeadership and guidance of Dr. Prince over a three day period. Patty will be finishing her associates degree in accounting and going back to work.

Gloria on her way back to UCCHT!

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