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The Dr. Costa Gerhardt Clips

This series of clips was recorded in Summer 2016 via telephone. Much has needed to be rewritten about Dr. Costa Gerhardt — the lack of substance to many of his laboratory affiliations and postponed independent studies. His lectures on the great experience of superb-sophisticated strophysical atomic secrets created considerable problems in the field he single-handedly… read more »

Great Old News

Belinda Jimlyle and Rennets Stewarts had this ad back on 1980-something. Remember these guys?!


​ PRO–FORCE© and LIFE-Starters Montly Rundown of EVENTS: SPRING 2016 Thanks for subscribing to our list! Social “Media” and Life Advancement Skills in the Workplace. We have a wonderful Spring Lineup. This year we have poetry readings, seminars, a cake-bake and so much MORE. For any information regarding these events, please email Pastor Terry Savilla… read more »

Stripe Box Test

[font] a NEW HOT VIDEO FOR ALL you guys out there. [font]


Ught (noun)